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Book 2 in the Royal Vampire series


Royal Vampires Book 2

This book is a serialized series. Reading book 1, A Royal Vampire, is advised prior to reading Timothy, book 2.
Joshua continues his masquerade as Timothy in order to have the freedom he's so longed for. On his first date with Katarina, he knows he's met his soul mate and the woman who will reign by his side as his queen.

Now in turmoil, he struggles with the knowledge he'll have to tell Katarina that Timothy is a disguise, that he's really Joshua the king and a vampire. Fear of losing her makes him hesitate to tell her the truth so he continues the deception...

But Joshua has no choice. Eventually he has to tell Katarina who he really is. Will she forgive him for his deceit? Can she accept that he's a vampire?

Time I posted about my latest releases

Book 1 in the Royal Vampire series

A Royal Vampire

After twenty-four years in captivity, Joshua must suddenly take on the task for which he was created and trained. Taking on the role of king is no mean task, though Joshua doesn’t care. He will finally have the freedom he so longed for all his life. Paul, his nemesis, tells him how much he hates Joshua but can’t destroy him. Paul’s insane jealousy and hatred causes him to change his mind and send Joshua’s throne tumbling. He decides to turn most of the population with the help of his army of vampires and recapture his royal title.

Joshua finds himself entangled in a web of deceit, murder and witchcraft. His biggest secret, that he has inherited the vampire gene from his nemesis, must remain so. Vowing he’ll rid the island of murdering vampires and werewolves, he devises a plan to escape the castle and freely roam the city and forests without fear of recognition and exposure.

Much to his surprise, he meets the woman he’s seen so many times in his dreams. Unsure of himself, wondering if she is really his soulmate or if the feelings he has for her are caused because he’s never been with a woman, he makes plans to date Katarina Goddard.

Review by Candy from Sensual Reads

In the first book in the Royal Vampire series, Gabriella Bradley sets the stage for the adventures to come. Ms. Bradley takes a small kingdom and adds paranormal creatures determined to destroy the population. Add to the mix a new King with all the good traits of the old King and special abilities that Paul never had, and this series promises to be an exciting read. Can Joshua keep his people safe from Paul’s evil plots?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Author Musings

Well, I've been fighting with this blog for a while now and I think people can finally comment on my posts. I'm really html and site illiterate, but it was time to get this blog going.

What's going on in my life right now? I'm fighting with writer's block, that, and finding more time to write. I'm also fighting to lose a few pounds, no easy feat. Missy, what's your secret? And I've been hunting around on the internet for more promotional ideas and places. Gabby has been too lazy to promote. Well...not lazy, just always busy. I need to set one evening aside for promotion.

What do I blog about? Life in general? What's an interesting topic? For me, the writer, of course it's writing and I'd love to know what readers are really looking for. I'm at a loss what readers really want. My best selling novel,  Savage Lust, did so well, it made me a lot more enthusiastic. But...I received several emails from readers complaining there wasn't enough sex, not until the end of the book. I wrote The Orgasm Whisperer and made this one super hot. It didn't do well like Savage Lust. Complaints? Yes. There wasn't enough sex in the first half of the book and too much in the second half. Another complaint was: Not enough world building. Honestly, how much world building can one do around the heroine's visit to another planet for only two weeks? That one baffled me. Just about the whole book is set on Earth. Do I really need to build Earth? More complaints about Savage Lust: The heroine is eager to take her clothes off for these men, a little much for a virgin. Mm, think back to the old bodice rippers where clothing came off quite easily and a lot of sensuality and petting happened and even spanking, throughout the book.

Savage Lust has plenty of sensuality, teasing the reader. So does The Orgasm Whisperer and many of my other stories.

The series I began writing, The Minharian Chronicles, The Seventh Portal, started off well with book 1, but bombed with books 2 and 3. I thought I'd found something 'different' another type of shapeshifter from the regular ones that are always used, cats, wolves, bears etc. The Sasquatch was a unique approach, but I guess it wasn't. My Sasquatches didn't turn readers on at all. So, the series came to a full stop and book 4 is still a WIP. Like all writers, I have evolved since then and I'd like to think my writing has improved, so I may tackle that series one of these days and see if I can figure out what's wrong with it.

What am I currently working on? A shapeshifter, several contemporary, an historical but I don't know yet if that one will be erotic or mainstream, and I have a few more started. At this point I haven't a clue which one to continue.

Flame, a co-written book with Viola Grace, shapeshifter/paranormal, did reasonably well, but not well enough and readers hardly know it exists.

Present works in progress:  The Best Kept Secret, Black and White Lust, Altered Destiny, Don't Hang Up, and a few more. These are tentative titles so they could change. All are between 10,000 and 50,000 words at present. And...when I receive feedback and suggestions, maybe I'll start a complete fresh story. Who knows. The Muse is always busy, even at night in my dreams. I have far too many concepts on paper. I'll never write them all in my lifetime.

So, readers and writers, where do I go from here? I'd love to hear from all of you, so please leave comments? Have a great week!!!!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Who would want to be an orgasm whisperer?

Buy it now at

Amaia has inherited the family talent! There is only one way to make it stop--she has to meet her soul mate, bond with him and consummate the relationship. But, how does one find him? Will she be an orgasm whisperer for just a short while or be stuck with it for years?

What's worse, when her mother enlightens her on how to use her gift, she also learns there's alien blood flowing through her veins and she has more abilities that will become apparent. It all seems like a science fiction nightmare, impossible to believe--something her imaginative mother had dreamed up.

When three to die for men enter her life, she feels attraction for all three, and worse, she feels bonded to all three. Is one of these men her soul mate? Will her orgasm whispering be over before it barely started? And how can she choose when her heart and body wants them all?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Three luscious cowboys...

SAVAGE LUST by Gabriella Bradley
Available at

Topaz Fiero is shocked when her mother's long time lover leaves his entire estate in Texas, which she didn't even know he had, to her. Upon arrival at the Douglas ranch, she also discovers John Douglas had three sons, and she's inherited them to go with it.

The Douglas brothers are madder than hell. How dare their father pass in such an untimely fashion, and worse, leave his estate to an unknown woman whom they suspect is probably his mistress. They are ready for battle. No way will they give up their inheritance. When Topaz arrives, they are astonished that she's young enough to be their father's daughter.

Anger is abound and Christmas does not promise to be the pleasant holiday Topaz was so looking forward to--unless she can wiggle her way into the hearts of the three handsome cowboys.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's about time

Well, bad me. I had forgotten I had a blog until I stumbled across it by accident. Duh... My last post was in January. Holy moly, it's already July. Viola Grace and I wrote a book together that has just been published. How did that come about? My editor in chief was stuck for a book and asked if I had something ready. Mmm, no, not quite ready, but one well on the way. Big problem though, I was kind of plot dumbed. I was chatting with Viola Grace, told her I was stuck, and asked her if she wanted to read it. She said, sure. Send it along. Viola read the story and came up with a ton of great plot ideas. I didn't want to use most of what she was talking about because after all, those were HER ideas, not mine. I said, okay, why don't you write some of that. So, she wrote a few thousand words, and after that it became a tag game. Back and forth between us until we reached 37000 or so words. It was fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'll have to dig through my files and see what other stories I've started and got stuck with, lol. Watch out, Viola...

The book is called Flame and it is available now at

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to my blog!!!

I'm very new at blogging, but here goes. Today, Bonnie's and my co written book came out, Seducing Serena, the first book of the Shifting Passions series. Bonnie and I had a great time writing together and we've already started plotting book 2, Athena's Hunger.

Here is the blurb and a short excerpt from Seducing Serena:

Serena Patterson has been on the run for seven years. Now, broke, tired, feeling defeated, she feels drawn to the home she'd left so many years ago and the three brothers she loves so much.

Giving in to her instincts, Serena returns, but only for one last glimpse of the Turner boys, Brady, Asher and Damon. She knows that if she actually makes her presence known, she'll be putting their lives into as much danger as her own has been all those years. Serena makes a decision. She is the one they're after. With her out of the way, danger will be averted from her brothers.

The Turner men are overjoyed that Serena has finally returned home to them, only to watch in consternation as she drives away again. They will not let her get away from them this time, for she doesn't know her first transformation is about to happen, and it can only happen if she mates with them.


“Into the water, sister.” Ash used his old endearment.

He’d often called her sister, in memory of the sister he’d lost along with his parents. Though if they had any idea how unsisterly she felt about them, they wouldn’t call her that out loud—they wouldn’t even think it. What she wanted to do with them—to them—would be a sin if they were blood kin.

Without further preamble, Brady took off his jeans, picked her up and walked into the Jacuzzi with her. The warm bubbling water enveloped her. He sat her down on one of the benches and knelt in front of her. Ash and Damen took their pants off and sat on each side of her. She couldn’t help but admire their bodies. They’d always been nicely built, but now they were men, men who had filled out, had become more muscular. Even their cocks had increased in size she noticed, at the same time experiencing a sudden surge of excitement, a tingling between her legs at the thought of touching those cocks. Her gaze caught a shadow on Damen’s arm. Peering closer, she saw a tattoo of a wolf with some kind of weapon over it. That was something new. He didn’t have a tattoo when she’d left. Closing her eyes briefly, she pictured them naked as she’d just seen them and imagined what size their cocks would be if erect and felt her heart hammer her ribs. Brady left her for a moment and quickly returned with three containers.

“Ash, you shampoo her hair. Damen, you massage her with this oil after I wash her.”

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